jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010

Mrs Armitage and the big wave

Mrs Armitage and the big wave is written and illustrated by Quentin Blake, the illustrations are very, very, very cool.

 It tells the story of Mrs Armitage and her dog, Breakspear.One day they go surfing. But while they wait until the big wave comes they need some things to be comfortable... so Mrs Armitage swam to the beach to get: a desert island, a cap, an umbrella, a box of tasty items, a boat hook... Finally it looks like a super boat!
The big wave came and they saw a little girl called Miranda that was in trouble. So Mrs Armitage hooked up Miranda with the boat hook. They arrived on the beach just in front of Miranda's parents!

What I like the most is the picture of all of the things that Mrs Armitage takes from the beach. I recommend it to you!

This is a video with a few of people surfing in Fiji, including Layne Beachley, a very famous Australian surfer.

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  1. just a quick note to let you both know that I am safely in England and I have finally met my new baby cousin and he is very VERY cute!

    I miss you LOTS already.

    xx g